Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bean Speak

Skadi's new preschool teacher has a tendency to call the kids, "darlin". I am not positive if it is just girls, or boys too. I haven't heard it out of Leif, so I am thinking just the girls are darlin'.

Skadi: (to me) "Come on darlin', come in my secret fairy house."

Me: "Why doesn't Leif crawl in there with you."

Skadi: "Because brothers are not allowed in secret fairy houses."


Skadi: (at bedtime) "Darlin' I want you to read the poop book to me."


You get the idea, we have all been Skadi's "darlin's" this weekend.


We have switched from doing Friday lattes to Friday mini doughnut day. Ok, the kids have switched from ordering Friday hot chocolates to doughnuts... I am still a latte person. That's not to say I don't WANT a mini doughnut and if I have been good during the week I might partake. You know you get the third one at such a discount if you order three...

Leif: "YAY chocolate doughnut for me!"

Skadi: "YAY pink doughnut for me with sprinkles!"

Leif: "YAY chocolate doughnut for me!"

Skadi: (sounding very seriously) "Leif that sign right there says I am sorry there are no more chocolate doughnuts, you have to have a pink doughnut."


Me: "Leif, can Skadi read?"

Leif: "No."

Me: "So when she tells you what a sign says, why do you believe her?"



Me: "Yes, Leif, they do. She was just teasing you."

Skadi: (Giggles)

Leif: "That is SO mean Skadi!"

She so has his number.


Skadi is a very apologetic child. Anything done on accident she is quick to apologize for. The things done on purpose, you may NEVER get an apology out of her short of threatening time out. She is so apologetic sometimes, that I have been telling her she doesn't have to apologize ALL the time, only when she hurts someone. Because she will apologize for touching you.

Me: (After stepping on the side of her foot.) "Oh, I am so sorry Skadi, are you okay?"

Skadi: "Well it hurt an awful lot, but you don't have to say you are sorry."

So far, explaining to her when to use sorry? Not so successful.

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