Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The really weird things my kids say

Skadi: "See I am happy now, I am not sad anymore. Instead I am just looking outside and thinking about how weird the trees are!"

Me: "Ok, why are the trees weird?"

Skadi: "The purple trees are weird mommy. We have lots of weird purple trees."


Making his Daddy Proud

Leif: (While shopping for Father's Day Cards) "LOOK MOM! PRINCE NOVAMA! PRINCE NOVAMA IS ON THAT CARD! THAT FATHER'S DAY CARD HAS PRINCE NOVAMA!" (Seriously like top of the lungs in the crowded Father's Day aisle. I see people craning their necks to see what he is pointing at.)

Me: "Leif, it's President Obama, we have President's, not Prince's and that probably is NOT a good card to get your father."


Leif: (speaking to me) "Hey babe,"

Me: "Hey babe? What happened to mommy?"

Leif: "You're a babe!"

Me: "You should know that I may choose to remind you of this when you are 16."

1 comment:

Jay said...

Hey Babe! Oh my goodness that is too funny - does Hans call you babe from time to time or is this out of left field?
PRINCE NOVAMA is too funny as well.