Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Leif (interrupting AB and I as usual): "Do you know about Broccoli Obama?"

AB: "I do know about him, what do you know about him."

Leif: "Well, I know that he is my teachers new present."

AB: "Do you mean president?"

Leif: "Yes, president, He is my teacher's president."

NM: "He is the new president of the United States, he is president of all of us."

Leif: "Nope, not my president."

NM: "Yep, yours too." (While eyeing AB out of the corner of my eye... waiting for a smirk.)

Leif: "Did you know that Broccoli has carrots on his back and he can shoot carrots off his back at the bad guys?"

(Visions of Bin Laden being stricken by carrots...)

AB: "Carrots?"

Leif: "That's silly isn't it!"

NM: "Very silly."

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