Saturday, January 03, 2009

No sledding today

Leif has had such a fantastic time sledding lately that we decided to make a big sledding trip today. About an hour and a half out of town was the plan with the intent also of scoping out ski areas.

Was the intent.

That went down the drain yesterday when we found our house.

Now we are waiting for our agent to call us back on when we can see the house a second time and if everything looks as wonderful today as it did yesterday we will be making an offer.

I have run the gamut of emotions. From yesterday leaving thinking we had to make an offer NOW, to wanting to e-mail our agents last night to tell them to get started on the paperwork, to the middle of the night last night, finding things that might potentially be wrong with the house to this morning, just plain cold feet.

The house - when the MLS listing came across our e-mail - the first picture of the outside struck me as a "no". Something I wouldn't be interested in. Then I started flipping through the pictures. Half acre, beautifully landscaped, a gorgeous deck and "one and a half story". What was one and a half story house? And then there was the picture of the kitchen. A single picture of a kitchen can make or break our decision to see the house.

That picture of the kitchen did it.

From the time we were through the great room and kitchen I knew I wanted that house. I didn't have to see the rest of the house. But it continued to amaze me as we kept walking.

But back to that kitchen... every upgrade you can think of in the cabinets. One of those swing up mixer stands, cabinets and drawers in the huge walk in pantry, two sinks, multiple work stations, two ovens and a warming drawer. The list goes on.

Of course the rest of the house was fantastic as well - I am not just buying a kitchen for a ridiculous amount of money.

We are looking again this afternoon at the house and will submit our offer after that. Cross your fingers for us!

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