Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Follow ups

Just to follow up on a few recent posts...

The owl. Apparently the owl lives in the creek gully. We have gone down and watched him a few times. I took my digital camera and snapped some pictures, but none came out well. I did buy a roll of film and pulled our uber expensive (7 years ago) Canon EOS Rebel with telefoto lenses out the other day to take on our walks. Of course yesterday when I did this, he wasn't there. I will get some good pictures!

This evening we went to the river after picking Leif up from daycare. I know, I know, it isn't a good idea to feed the wildlife, but I brought two hamburger buns with for Leif to feed the ducks. Or snow geese as the case was. Those things are huge! They went nuts. In fact, at one point Leif and I were about to get mauled by snow geese and AB had to release Winny to control the situation. ;-)

(It was kind of like my in laws stories about feeding the moose in Alaska, they knew they weren't supposed to, but how can you resist? Until the moose tries to come in your house...)

Leif was over the moon!


The third room. We visited the other room at daycare and were 100% completely sold. Ok, AB was sold before I was. I took a little convincing to give up the language aspect of the one room and to realize that the animals were cool in the other room, but they were just an ornament of such. What really sold us was the warmth and the cultural aspect of the room. The head teacher is from Bangladesh and the kids do a unit on Bangladesh that is a real hit. One of the work stations was a traditional Bangladesh tea set that the kids could go and make tea at. I loved it.

Not only did the teachers interact well and warmly with the kids, but also in a fun and joking manner with each other. I loved seeing them wander around the kids and interact. I also recognized that there was more "partner" work in this room than the others. We have a winner.


I am home on maternity leave even though there is no baby yet. For the current update click over to the pregnancy blog on the side. I am enjoying my time at home and I plan to do some sewing tomorrow. The main drawback is that I have to share the computer with AB. But it is fun being home with him - though he really wishes he was working.

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