Monday, March 19, 2007

Because I can't help it

I hate those blogs that are simply whinefests. Yeah, yeah, so and so said this and you didn't like it, yadda yadda yadda. Substance please. But it is Monday night, I am past term pregnant, give me my 10 minutes (or more) of whine. (Particularly since the red version is off limits for at least a few more days.) Skip it if you are like me and can't stand to hear moaning.

The bright spot of my day today was the non-stress test at the hospital. It reassured us that despite be overly pregnant, the baby is strong and healthy. For details skip over to the pregnancy blog.


Let's start with daycare. When you call me and tell me my child is sick, when I or my husband shows up to pick him up AT naptime, he better darn well have some type of symptom of what you are accusing. AB questioned it upon arriving, but didn't want to be *that* parent. The teacher apologized (why apologize, if you believe he is sick, back it up and tell us why).

He apparently had (for a whole 10 minutes) conjunctivitis (aka pink eye). The symptoms? His eye was red and he had a little white gunk in the corner. Yeah, so not pink eye. But what can you do? AB hauled him home, I got him into the doctor (one we hadn't seen to this point) while nearly in tears to the nurse saying "I am sorry but I am 40 weeks pregnant and if he does have pink eye, we need to get him and I treated as soon as possible". They heard the desperation in my voice.

AB walked in with a smiling little boy (who should have been napping). Pink eye? None. And I am a seasoned veteran. Magnet for pink eye. We hauled him into the doctor's office to either get a prescription or a note saying he did not have pink eye. The nurse took us back and rolled her eyes... "he does not have pink eye," she says then adds, "but the doctor will take a look".

Doctor agrees. But then starts the questions about which daycare is this? When we tell her, she rolls her eyes and says, "aww yes, we have had more than our fair share of kids from there with supposed ailments". Then she adds that this is going on her list of documentation because they are about ready to go down and educate the caregivers themselves on what a sick child is and what common ailments are. She told us of one woman who had been in three times in one week with her son, never sick, but after $60 in copays and three doctor's notes to go back to daycare she was at her wits end and begging her to help her do something to end this litany.

Sorry daycare. Hate to do it, but this is not the first time Leif was sent home "sick" and was anything but.

And he consequently had no nap. 5-7:30pm? M.I.S.E.R.Y.


Second rant... my husband wants a job. He got a call back from a job he wanted badly today. It was a no go. The guy was super nice and said they were impressed by his resume but had found someone with a little better qualifications, asked him to keep in touch. Hey, so that was a good contact at least, they called which was far more than some others do. But it was a job he wanted so bad.


Third rant... a close family member owes us a little bit of money. It isn't a case where they actually asked to borrow money. It is one of those Christmas, everyone chip in for the gift things where AB and I did the collection and purchase of said gift. Evidently the person can't afford it, I get that, I understand it, but don't commit to it. We have written it off and aren't bringing it (or the other no-show gift up she committed to in our gift exchange). But then when we get gifts for Leif from this person it is hard to just ignore the failed commitments we have forgiven due to her lack of money situation.


Or how about the underwriter for my short term disability (aka maternity leave). I went on disability last week since I was having constant contractions and was considered full term pregnant. They called today to find out the day I had my baby since I went on disability 5 days ago for contractions. I had to have had it by now.

Ever seen those people on TV who get so mad their phone ends up in bits?


Last one, I promise. We had portraits done over 4 weeks ago. The proofs were to be online within 2.5 weeks. I asked the photographer at the time to try to be timely with them because I was getting so close to my due date.

Over 4 weeks later and her website has been revamped, she started a blog. But do I have my proofs? Nope.

After 4 attempts at contacting her she return e-mailed me this past Saturday saying her daughter had been sick last week. Great, but that doesn't account for the first 3 weeks... whatever. I cut her some slack because she said she would have the proofs by the end of the day Saturday, and if she couldn't do that it would be absolutely by the end of the day Sunday.

It's Monday night. Do you think I have proofs?

Methinks she has my $200 gift certificate in hand and isn't too worried about it.


But you know what went a long way to cure things today? Going to Maggie Moo's for ice cream mid-afternoon and hearing Leif marvel about his "special yellow ice cream".

Or sitting in the bath with him this evening and hearing him modify the song "If you are happy and you know it" for his little wind up dolphin. ("If you happy know it flap your tail dolphin...")

(There I at least ended on a happy note!)

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