Sunday, March 04, 2007

Apparently I need to guard my house better

Because yesterday as I was putting Leif's pajamas on him, he got VERY serious and told me that he has been bitten by lots of bears recently.

"You have?" I asked him.

"Yes, lots of bears bite me," he says somberly showing me his shin that he scraped up about 2 hours previously after running down the hall and tripping over a box from Costco that apparently holds an amazing resemblence to a bear.

"What have you done to the bears for biting you?" I asked him.

"I put them in time outs," he says.


This morning Leif came across AB's heel scraper. AB has heels from hell. Seriously, biologists should look into the mechanism behind what exactly generates the armor plates that are his heels for answers into new defense systems, because they are frightening. This also means that his heel scrapers are akin to cheese graters... sharp.

I told Leif this morning to bring me daddy's heel scraper, it is sharp and I don't want him to hurt himself. He walks past me stating, "I put it up out of my reach for you". And puts it on top of the bar.


Leif told his teacher the other day that he is having a baby brother and that his name will be Rock. Rock and Leif... hmmm... I think not. Then again C said I was having a girl and her name should be Butter. ;-)


When all else fails, blog with pictures... here is one that I loved from swimming yesterday. They had to sit out upon arriving at the pool because the class prior had an "accident" in the pool and it was being treated.


This blog has been lacking lately, mostly because I have been completely preoccupied with the pending birth of a new being into our family. The pregnancy blog, otoh, I could write in pretty regularly.

So stealing a page from other blogs I have read... any questions for me? Anything you want to know? Comment and I will answer what I can!

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