Monday, March 12, 2007


I have never been a Lladro fan. Until I saw this in my Food and Wine magazine tonight while I sat in the bathroom watching Leif splash water all over.

Both Vargas Girl and I have collections of wine stoppers. We used to find cool stoppers and buy two. (This was back when I had more cash floating around and more willingly spent money on frivolous pretty things.) I saw this new line and immediately thought of her this evening.

We started this tradition when we first caught up with each other after about 8 years. We bought these heavy stoppers from Williams Sonoma and the tradition just evolved.

Among the quirky and cute little stoppers we have found, we also have a few collector pieces from Neimen Marcus and my personal favorite is the Versace Medusa head stopper made by Rosenthal.

If AB gets this new job HE is coveting... I am ordering two. (And a Coach purse)

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