Saturday, March 17, 2007

The best cookies ever

The best chocolate chocolate chip cookie ever.

For a long time I searched for a good chocolate chocolate chip cookie. I found these a year and a half or so ago. I first made them when a couple of my coworkers held a few packages of mine hostage at work in exchange for baked goods while I was on travel. I returned with a plate of these cookies and got rave reviews and recipe requests. I hadn't made them since then, the recipe had been scootched to the back of my binder. But I found it today and Leif helped me.

This week I have been doing a lot of cooking in addition to baking. I did a corned beef today in honor of St. Paddy's day, even though we all forgot to wear green. I baked some new red potatoes and AB made a cabbage dish that was quite excellent too.

Tomorrow we are enjoying, for our anniversary, lamb shwarmas, which we are hoping will give us some little taste of the wonderful lamb shwarmas at Truly Mediterannean in San Fran. AB has been marinating the leg of lamb for two days now and is anxiously awaiting tossing it on coals tomorrow.

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