Friday, March 09, 2007

The coolest thing

I convinced Leif to leave daycare today with promises of a walk where we would go look for ducks. We got home and headed out on our walk with Winny and Daddy. Down the path to the creek near our house. No ducks. AB and Leif headed on deeper into the brush while I stayed on the level ground waiting. I looked across the creek and at the nests in the trees, magpie nests I assumed.

Then I saw one of those owl decoys in the trees, just like the one I bought at Walmart to try and scare away the stupid robins that attack our windows in the spring. (That doesn't work.) I couldn't figure out why someone would actually hike down and put a decoy in a tree though... Suddenly the decoy moved. Then it dawns on me... it wasn't an owl decoy, it was a huge owl! A horned owl of some sort, my guess is a Great Horned Owl.

I called AB to bring Leif, told him I saw an owl. It was close enough that Leif could make it out and marvelled at it. After a few minutes it flew off. Leif looks at me and says, "see again, I want to see again!"

So cool. I have never seen a live owl in the wild before! I can now add it to my growing list of wildlife I have seen.

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