Friday, February 19, 2010

When faced with the question...

Back about almost 8 years now, AB and I moved to the area. We left a city where I was a student and we lived in a noisy apartment building. We ditched many of our possessions and headed north. When we got here we couldn’t wait to be homeowners – and quickly bought a house.

We brought with us our queen sized bed that we had purchased about 1996 when we moved to Reno. It is a nice, comfortable bed. When we bought our house we decided we wanted a Select Comfort bed though and looked forward to turning the old bed into a guest bed in our ultra-huge new house. (Tongue in cheek… I remember thinking our house was SO big… compared to our apartment we moved from, it was huge!)

I am always pleased when someone stays at our house and comments how well they slept. I don’t know if anyone would tell us, “you know that bed in your guest room is really uncomfortable”.

We went to the Select Comfort store with our money burning a hole in our pocket. Picked out our bed and then asked a critical question… one that we look back on our younger selves and scream, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

That fateful question…

“What do you think, queen or king?”

We debated for awhile and finally decided that since our old bed was a queen, and we already had queen sized sheets (that weren’t even great sheets mind you), that we would get a queen sized Select Comfort.

If ever you are faced with the same dilemma… where you have the spare few hundred bucks to bump up to a king… and you have the space in your bedroom… and you have no real feelings one way or the other on it…


Ok, I think I am done now.

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