Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Goals - Nearing the End

As February winds down I am looking back on my goals progress. The primary goal to get a pull out for the spice cabinet is not completed only because we decided before ordering online we should really make a pass at Home Depot. They might also have some alternate suggestions to consider and can offer advice on fitting a pull out for our extra tall top cabinets. (Height of the cabinet hadn't really dawned on me until it came to measuring twice.)

We did however get the cupboard reorg completed and are very happy with the outcome of that. Someday I expect I will relearn where my measuring cups are now.

The wine closet wasn’t one we planned to tackle, but as luck would have it we obtained a great wine rack and put it to use. Now I can tell exactly when we are getting low on white wines (like we are now).

So the spice cabinet pull out will extend into March, which is fine. March is going to be a bit of a relaxing month for me with goals. I have two things planned…

See this dress? It is a pillowcase dress.

And it is $89.

See this one? It is $98. It is lined and has an M on it, so it is $9 more.

I am POSITIVE I can make one in two hours. I just know it.

March goal is to find an adorable pillowcase and make Skadi a dress.

My second goal is The Orange Tree. I special ordered the fabric I wanted – black 18 ct Aida – could not believe you can’t just find this stuff at craft stores… And the black 14 ct Aida isn’t sold in a large enough sheet at my local craft stores. So it was going to be a special order either way.

Ordered two weeks ago…

Apparently all cross stitchers are procrastinators?

Or maybe they had to weave it from cotton fibers?

Whatever the reason it is on its way here and should arrive before March 1 in time for the new goal!

I won’t finish it… I will be lucky to get one tenth of it done during the month of March. But getting started is often half the battle.

I am leaning towards an April goal of the library. I have boxes stacked randomly, a lamp to hang and I just discovered the perfect under the window shelf/seat combo unit that will go perfect. Paint? Just maybe...

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