Friday, February 19, 2010


Back when I started blogging, for some reason, I decided to sign up for free Haloscan commenting. I liked the added features it had over the generic Blogger comments.

In that time Blogger evolved. And as of February 13th, Haloscan died.

It was a gamble from 5.5 years ago that did not pay off.

I was given a choice to export my comments off Haloscan with no way to reupload them unless some user our there came up with a program to do so. Or I can switch "seamlessly" over to Echo commenting with 30 days free followed by paid commenting.

I contemplated this long and hard and initially thought I would dump it all together and switch to Blogger. But the thought of losing all my comments pains me. I have jumped over to Echo for the 30 days free. I am not thrilled with the look so far. And definitely not thrilled at paying, even if it is only $1 a month. If it was beautiful I would pay $12 a year to maintain it.

What to do?

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