Saturday, August 01, 2009

Theories on Go Fish

As Leif gets older the really funny comments have moved to Skadi's domain - while his have more thought to them. So a touch less belly laughs to them, more a wink of clever or pure and purposeful silliness.

We are at my mom's house for her birthday this weekend in Colorado. I was just putting Leif to bed, the light was out and we were still and quiet.

Leif: "Mommy are you older than grandma or is grandma older than you?"

NM: "Grandma is my mommy, and she turns 56 tomorrow. I am 37 and so that makes her about 19 years older than me!"

(Sorry mom, for divulging your age... but I have always been proud of your youthfulness.)

Leif: "Hmm, then she would beat you at Go Fish then right?"

NM: (Giggles) "Yes, I guess so."

Leif: "Yeah, you're not very good at Go Fish."

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