Sunday, August 23, 2009

Say what?

Skadi is terribly talkative. I used to always think that Leif was a talker... until Skadi started talking. Now Leif seems pretty shy to me, while Beaner talks and talks and talks. And sings and sings and sings.

We went to the doctor's the other day and I had a hard time getting a word in edgewise as she told the doctor about boats and life jackets and swimming and swim suits and invited her doctor to come boating with us (despite the fact that we do not have a boat).

Some of the funniest things have come about with her pronunciation.


We eat LOTS of blueberries and always have them fresh in the house. Skadi, not really a blueberry fan, but the rest of us may turn blue like Violet Beauregarde someday. Skadi looks in my Kashi every morning and complains, "oh boobies in your cereal today". (Really, my boobies were not hanging in my cereal. My putting blueberries in my cereal keeps her out of my Kashi.)

The other day a container of blueberries fell out of my much to full fridge.

Skadi exclaims, "oooh! Look at all the little boobies all over the floor!"


Skadi is a touch fixated on the Princesses lately and so I ordered her Sleeping Beauty.

Skadi: "I want to watch Sleeping Booty!"

She requests dresses most every day, princess dresses. I am learning to give her a choice when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

Me: "Skadi would you like to wear this princess dress or this princess dress?"

Once she selects one she puts it on, checks the "swing" of the dress be twisting her hips back and forth and singing "la la la princess la la la" in the mirror.

Saturday night I was telling V about this and she reminded me to keep in my back pocket, "would you like to wear this dress or THESE princess jeans!" I will need that particularly for those cold days when a dress just won't work.


I mentioned the other day that Skadi prefers her dollies naked. I am not sure I mentioned that Skadi also prefers herself to be nakey. She loves to strip down and run around. Then she stops running next to me and yells:

"Mommy! You say 'you my nakey bum girl'!"

So then I have to squeal, "there's my nakey bum girl".

It has become a touch interesting that Leif has had to join in this because if it generates attention for Skadi then it is certain to be even more cute when he does it. I remember feeling that way... as an older child... of a much much cuter younger sibling! Suffice it to say that then I end up with two nakey kids running around and I have to tell each of them how much I love their nakey bums.

I hadn't thought a lot about the implications of this until the other night Skadi was getting into bath and made an announcement:

"Mommy, I love nakey boys!"

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