Friday, August 28, 2009

The monkey bucket

Last weekend Skadi was helping AB clean out the garage. You never know what you are going to find in there. Truly. I hate to admit that seeing Skadi in there reminds me of being a kid in my grandmother's basement and finding so many "treasures". There's motivation to finish cleaning it out!

Skadi found one item that she latched onto.

A small - 6" tall - galvanized aluminum bucket.

I bought a few of these before I had Leif - when I had time for crafty things. My plan was to punch nail holes in them and put candles in them for outside lighting. And I actually did this with one. And apparently the magazine that I got the idea out of used some professional technique and not the one they illustrated in the magazine because it did not work. I punched one hole and it dented the bucket, as did the next hole, and the next one...

If I remember correctly then AB took the other bucket and made a much nicer decoration with minimal dents. And we might have used it once.

I love the notion of crafty things, I am just not good at actually making them or using them.

Anyways, Skadi found the third little aluminum bucket and adopted it.

She came into the house with her bucket and beelined to her monkey collection courtesy of Aunt Tara who sent her about 13 monkeys for her second birthday.

Each monkey has a purpose. There is the bath monkey, the naughty monkey who is ALWAYS in time out, the big monkey that sits on the chair and causes distress if he isn't in the chair. There is the monkey with velcro hands and feet that Skadi hangs around her neck and waist. And the little monkey with incredibly stretchy arms, which has somehow wormed his way into Skadi's heart as the "favorite".

Favorite monkey was placed into the bucket and fits perfectly.

Favorite monkey has lived in the bucket for the last week and goes nearly everywhere Skadi goes.

And I recommend you don't mess with Favorite monkey and his new home lest you incur the wrath of Skadi.

I fear that this is a precursor to one of those rat dogs in a big ugly purse.

No offense of course.

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