Saturday, August 08, 2009

She came!

It wasn't really intentional.

I had no plans to take my daughter's binky away.

Nor did I think she would really throw it away on her own.

Or that the binky princess was real and that she really would come!

Yesterday morning Skadi was getting dressed and asked if she could throw her binky away.

"Sure, if you want," I told her in a half daring way.

Plop. There it went into her trashcan falling under a couple dirty diapers.

I knew there was still one left somewhere, so while it was a monumental action, I wasn't terribly worried. Later that morning she found the other binky and was playing with it. I left the other now nasty garbage can laden one where it lay. Then I mentioned to Miss K when I was dropping Skadi off what had happened. She has been pushing for binky elimination for about four months now.

We got home last night and that second binky?

Nowhere to be found.

AB actually asked if he should grab one at the store? Nope, I replied, "let's see what happens". We agreed given that it was the weekend - if we got no sleep, at least we had the days to nap.

I changed Skadi's clothes to pajamas (the SAME clothes she went to school in! Just had to note that.) and she asked for her binky. I reminded her I didn't know where it was.

She asked a few more times while in bed, but seemed fairly accepting that it was gone and suggested that the binky princess HAD come!

She got a little weepy and yelled at the princess a few times, to which I responded, "Skadi you are a big girl now, you dont' need your binky, you wear panties now!"

She responded, "I NOT a big girl, I a little boy".

This morning she asked again where the binky was and I replied honestly, "I don't know".

"We make cupcakes today!" she told me.

So I am off to make cupcakes this morning to celebrate the fact that the binky princess did come! She really, really did!

I am a believer!

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