Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Skadi,

Skadi, Skadi, Skadi. What are you turning into? Do you really want your nickname to be “Skadi the Pill”?

You may have thought that this weekend of incessant whining was warranted. Your father and I did not. See we could tell that you weren’t really in pain, suffering or otherwise incapacitated by the way you squealed and giggled in the leaves. However, we cannot spend the.entire.weekend “soutside”. Things still needed to be done INSIDE, dinners still need to be made, laundry to be done...

Oh and throwing your plate full of dinner the day after the housecleaner comes. Not cool. Next time wait until the night before the housecleaner comes, you might get cut a little slack then.

The shrieking in the middle of the night? So not a good idea. No one likes to be woken up by blood curdling screams. I suppose I should apologize because if they are nightmares I am certainly to blame. However, I am inclined to wonder otherwise since when I walk into your room you stop the shrieking, hold out your arms and giggle, “mama!”

And no, we may not watch Elmo at 2:30am no matter how many times you ask or how enthusiastic you sound. It is best just to fall back asleep and look forward to your bright and early 6am wake time to ask for Elmo. I would ask for an extra half hour of sleep, but I fear that I maybe asking for too much as it is.

The whole screaming bloody murder at the sight of your carseat? That also needs to stop. Carseats are non-negotiable. I will win. It may take time and lots of sweat and maybe tears on my part. But you WILL find yourself in your carseat eventually. Somehow. Give in. Resistance is futile.

Everyone needs downtime. Your teachers included. Receiving a call in the afternoon from your teachers saying that you did not nap, while preferable to “she is vomiting come get her” is not what I want to hear. Because it sets up this whole “what if” paranoia scenario. What is she going to be like when I pick her up? What is our night going to be like? Not a fun way to spend my quiet afternoon in my office watching the clock tick down and wondering if it is a time bomb waiting to detonate when I walk in the daycare doors.

One last thing – stop picking at my moles! Yes, I know they are funny, I know they are just the right size for your tiny little pincher fingers. But it HURTS when you grab one and yank. Just stop!

Anyways, we would prefer you not be permanently attached to the moniker “Skadi the Pill”. We would like to see these changes by tomorrow ideally, but understand that it may take longer. In which case I need these addressed before we hop on an airplane the day before Thanksgiving – you know, that day listed as “highest air traffic volume”.


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