Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Top Chef is back!

One of my favorite shows is back for round 5!

I was met the other morning with e-mails from the girls inviting me to dish with my Top Chef girls. We dished.

Here are some of our thoughts (with lots of embellishing by me - so they are probably my thoughts mostly...):

Is Carla a woman or man and why does she so severely freak me out?

Bleeding in apples is a gross biohazard and should have incured a penalty.

Peeling 15 apples? Can you imagine anything more miserable? There is a reason I have a nifty little apple peeler/corer/slicer thing in my kitchen. I would have massacred them. AB (otoh) could have probably competed, he loves to peel apples and is freakishly good at it.

Lauren... seriously now have you not WATCHED the show? How many people get cut making a salad that frankly is the type of thing I would whip up in my kitchen and then wave my hand saying, "oh it was nothing". You didn't bring it, which is too bad because I wanted to like you. However, I think cutting someone is way unfair in the Quick Fire. Not nice.

(I would have made hmm... what would I have made... not salad... I don't cook with apples... what would I have made... oh my time is way up - nearly a week later.)

Please Radhika live up to your potential we know you are capable of. Actually we don't know this, we just want you to go far because we think you seem like a way cool chick to hang out with. And the fact that Stephanie (in her blog) knows you and is backing you up just adds to your level of credibility. Go Radhika!

Richard - err I mean Stephan, kind of annoying, but probably will make it far. He's the one to beat right now.

Love Eugene. Love him. Quiet, unassuming, keep it up.

The weak links were cut after the first night. No surprises there at all.

Ariane... I thought you were going to be cut when you said you needed to have a book for a recipe. Duh Duh Duh. She's next to go.

Hosea... Did we know each other? Maybe you knew AB? BS in Engineering Physics from CU in '97... so you are just younger than us. Hmmm... Oh but sorry, I have eaten at Jax and have never been impressed. Hope this launches you somewhere great to cook in Boulder though since I can understand the desire to never leave.

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