Friday, November 14, 2008


It has been a long and hard week, but we persevered!

Our modem took a dive last Sunday morning and since then we were without internet in our home. When scheduling a technician to switch us over I noted that it would be most convenient to do this on a Friday - when my husband was off. I didn't think so much about how difficult not having internet access at home could potentially be!

Of course there was the whole no World of Warcraft for AB.

And I didn't get to upload my now finished Blurb books to order.

But beyond that other little things came to the surface - like our Tivo now gets programming information from the net - no updated Tivo listings (not that we really needed beyond a week and a half, but I was starting to blame the net for why Top Chef didn't record on Wednesday). But no downloading shows from the internet (not that we really have time during the week to watch anything like that).

The obvious is no e-mail for either of us. AB can still check his personal e-mail from work, so he wasn't as affected here. I am not in that camp anymore.

I have no confirmations for stuff I have ordered online the past week (at work) for Christmas presents. I don't know what is in stock or backordered or when anything is going to arrive.

I didn't receive my book club e-mails. Book club kept slipping my mind already since I didn't even buy the book. But if it weren't for my friends inquiring if I was going I would have completely missed the opportunity to labor over the decision to attend or not (did I say I didn't even buy the book?) and would have done the "duh" headslap upon checking my e-mail later.

Wonder if my kids made it to the finalists in the Gap contest? (It has happened before.)

Wonder if I won any prizes (a GelPro mat maybe) from all those entries into the Food and Wine 30th Anniversary contests? (Probably not, but I can dream.)

Who knows what else I have missed... I suppose I will soon find out!

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