Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things he says

Riding home in the car the other day:

NM: "Leif are you happy?"

Leif: "Yes, I am happy and cute too!"


Leif getting his flu shot said to the nurse:

Leif: "Ouch, she poked me! You NEED to say you are sorry!"


Thursday morning I was nursing Skadi on the bed before we left for work. Leif asked if he could turn on the TV in our room (that seriously probably hasn't been turned on in years) and "watch the news". I told him he could. The TV is on the National Geographic channel and it is one of the umpteen million shows about researchers searching for shipwrecks on the ocean floors - which I actually do find interesting sometimes.

NM: "Leif I can change the channel to Sesame Street if you hand me that remote over there."

Leif: "No, I am very curious about that boat."

He sits and watches for a few minutes.

Leif: "Wow, that is a beautiful boat." (Verbatim from AB, identical voice inflection and everything."

NM: "That is a neat boat."

Leif: "My grandpa builds boats."

NM: "Your great great grandpa was a boat builder, your great grandpa built boats for fun and he built the boat that you and daddy use at the cabin."

Leif: "Daddy is a good boat driver. Daddy and I are going to build a boat."

(Of course this has conversation and subsequent conversation later in the day with AB about the show has prompted AB to return his thoughts to boat building...)

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