Sunday, November 11, 2007

October is over!

The doom and gloom month at work is gone. It is too bad it is October, because this is a month I normally really enjoy. But I suppose maybe it is good it is not a month that I really dislike... like February.

Things are looking up. Suddenly I am feeling more optimistic about my future at my company and those recent dips in my bobber I threw out into the pond seem a whole lot less lucrative. During last month one of the only things that kept me from telling AB we needed to throw in the towel here was first that he actually has a job he likes, second my 5 years of service with my company (which translates into 4 weeks vacation a year), third my flexibility with my job. Being able to take a morning off to chaperone a field trip, or run out early to get a sick kid without anyone questioning my motives, is huge. So while I am a cappy by nature, a goat that seeks to climb the ranks professionally, I also need to look at the needs of my family and the type of mother I strive to be and find balance.

And maybe this doesn't mean packing my family up, moving to the city to pursue life an industry career.

Anyways, this past week I had a number of proposal meetings. I had lunch with one of the higher up scientists who I really look up to both profesionally and on a personal level. It was an impromptu lunch where we discussed a proposal call and I also bounced off an idea on him and received an affirmative answer back on feasibility and desire to be involved. Which for a scientist his level means, "you can put my name on your proposal to add strength and viability".

Then on Friday I got word from my manager that one of my concepts was accepted for full proposal! Yay me!

November is at least starting out in a positive manner.

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