Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Making Christmas, Making Christmas.

The shopping bug? It has hit.

Just over two years ago I bought on clearance some wonderful Pottery Barn silver garland. All five feet of one strand.

My tree is nine feet tall. (Yes, I like Christmas THAT much. AB is not sure he likes Christmas that much... all 200 lbs and three boxes of tree.)

Five feet of garland, nine foot tree. Five feet of garland, nine foot tree.

See where I am going here? Great, you are smarter than I was.

I love my pretty silver berry garland. I am tired of my Crate and Barrel star garland.

The last two years I have waited for someone to make a knock off (hello Target), but no one has.
I now like eBay too and look forward to receiving my additional 3 strands of garland so I can kick the star stuff to the street... well at least to the garage sale pile. (Where I can hopefully also convince AB to kick the icicle lights that are so 90's in exchange for something a little more classy. Since we will be home and all for Christmas this year.)

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