Friday, October 26, 2007

Meet Bob

Leif has renamed our housecleaner. She is no longer Wanda (name changed to protect the oblivious), she is now Bob.

About six months ago he started calling her "boy" as in "whatcha doin' boy?" This was on those rare occasions when she would clean our house and we would be around (normally just briefly since Leif has an obsession with her vacuum cleaner we try to get out of there quick - oh and because I do not really care to listen to her dysfuntional family stories that.never.end).

When my mom visited after Skadi's birth we both had giggling fits over this. And even now if one of us wants to elicit quick giggles we just have to say, "whatcha doin' boy?"

Leif never called other people "boy", so I don't know where this came from.

This morning Wanda was in our house getting started as we were running a few minutes late in getting out the door thanks to Leif deciding he wanted to try for a gummy worm by going poop since his simply asking for one resulted in a "no". Ok, so I don't give a prize all the time for a poop, in fact recently it has been rare. But since the last few days we have had a return to poopy underwear I will do what I need to.

Leif heard a noise and I told him Wanda was here. He walked out and saw her vacuum cleaner and immediately went over to admire it. He heard a noise in the bathroom and I told him that Wanda was in the bathroom cleaning.

We get out to the car and start pulling out of the garage and he says, "that's Bob's car".

"The white car?" I asked him. He confirmed.

"No," I told him, "that's Wanda's car."

"No mommy, his name is Bob." I am giggling at this point.

"Bob is cleaning our house today," he tells me.

Ok, at this point I am dying.

Oh and in no way does our housecleaner represent a man. She is a small, red headed, woman.

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