Monday, October 22, 2007

Making the list, checking it twice, and shopping on the internet

The holiday season is just around the corner. And I am dragging my feet. I have bookmarked and bookmarked until I am blue in the fingertips. Now I just need to convince myself to hit "buy".

I am an internet shopper. I might even be a little obsessive about it. I love the deals. I love the selection. Both things that living in a relatively small town are rare.

I have my list for Little AB fairly well rounded out. A Fisher Price camera from mom and dad. A Buzz Lightyear action figure from Santa. A nice wooden Melissa and Doug calendar that we can set up each month. A book about telling time (since he is showing interest in learning this concept) and a few other things I will find along the way I am sure.

Bean will get a baby doll and some Little People. And we will be taking advantage of the fact that she will only be 9 months and therefore really doesn't need much.

I have a few ideas for AB, but nothing overly concrete other than another pair of gloves... I have a few things picked out on his Amazon wish list (that I made for him). But no real great ideas yet. (Ideas? Anyone?) (I actually do have a few other ideas, but am not going into depths because even though he says he doesn't read my blogs... you just never know!)

I have a long list of things I want or need. It nearly kills AB that near the top of my list is new oven mits. Yes, I want new oven mits. Mine are just plain nasty from a few years of being hauled outside (and left outside) for BBQ'ing.

The one thing I actually did accomplish and not just put in shopping carts, is that my kids are outfitted for Christmas. Matching pajamas (courtesy of Old Navy $10 each... nice on the budget). Skadi got the white Hanna Andersson dress with the red snowflake on the front. (Ok, so she also got the tights... I don't even spend $18 on tights for me... what has this girl child done to me?) I did go on the cheap and buy the red shoes with white snowflakes from Old Navy though, yay me.

And in the name of matching for photos, Leif will be donning a red sweater with white Fair Isles print a la Old Navy. I know, I went on the cheap for him. But he won't wear it outside of holiday functions. And it matched Skadi's outfit. And she is the girl child.

I am quite pleased I accomplished the clothing shopping. I know the next step is the actual present ordering. But since I am abiding by my new rule of paying an equivelent amount on my credit cards (thank you free online banking) everytime I make an online purchase, I am waiting till the end of the month.

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