Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busting myths across the parking lot.

A few weeks my good friend, V, picked up her work phone and called me to share the scoop.



Next Wednesday!

The myth is would a cockroach survive a nuclear attack, would bugs really inherit the earth?

I immediately had serious envy. I was suddenly kicking myself for jumping from the nuclear group nearly three years ago. Three years of working in a group where I didn't fit to meet the Mythbusters in person? It could have been done!

Then she tells me it is the second stringers though. I like them, Cari, Grant and Tory. But they aren't Adam and Jamie. So when my attempts to have some reason to visit (legitimately or not) the building across the parking lot last Wednesday failed, I didn't sob too hard. Had it been Adam and Jamie... there might have been a mob of science women outside the gate screaming and fainting. And I just might have been right in the midst.

I AM, however, seriously anxious to see the show when it airs in February.

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