Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall has arrived/garden recap

It's fall. I made my first big batch of chili and double batch of pumpkin bread today. Fall food. (As well as thoroughly enjoying long sleeves and winter clothes.)

The highs are in the upper 60's and the mornings are crisp. Jacket weather, but warm enough in the afternoon that inevitably, jackets are then forgotten at school.

In some hopes that I won't get overzealous next spring with the garden I am going to compile my garden notes.


Brussel sprouts and broccoli - both did amazing, are still doing amazing, and are adored as food staples by nearly everyone. Must do again.

Leeks - Just starting to gain some girth, still too soon to tell. Though I hope they are cold hardy enough to have some time to gain more girth.

Tomatoes - Do not do 10 plants. Five is REALLY sufficient for our needs.

Cucumbers - They do really well, but AB needs to make pickles more consistently throughout the summer.

Swiss Chard - Always does well, it's a keeper.

Spinach - Plant it. We always like it, it does well, but it should actually be placed in the ground somehow.

Watermelons - Also require being placed IN the ground to grow.

Basil: Love it, but it likes water. Remember to water it.

Pumpkins - Devote at least half of the garden AND hand pollinate for early starts.

Fruit trees:

Grapes: Do not let AB massacre the vines again in a willy nilly fashion.

Plums: Heaven help us if we get as many next year as we did last year.

Cherries: Cherry wood anyone?

Nectarines: Work hard, yet again, to convince AB to pick back early.

Raspberries: Keep on as is.

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