Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why does your baby sister have chocolate on her forehead?

Leif: The Easter bunny put it there!


NM: Leif what are you doing? (Seeing him put my sling on.)

Leif: My carry baby Skadi now. (As he holds to pouch part open.)

NM: (giggling and thinking to self, I don't think so.)


Leif: My turn to play elephant trunk game now. (Lifts up shirt and holds breast pump to his chest.)


Leif: My want to drink mommy milk! (Said seeing me carry the cup of expressed milk to the kitchen.)

NM: Not now sweety. (Reserving this tidbit for dinnertime as a possible way to get him to drink his milk for dinner... COWS milk not mommy milk!)

Later at dinner...

NM: Leif please drink your special milk mommy poured for you. (Really it is cow's milk.)

Leif: No.

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