Thursday, April 05, 2007

A disturbed little boy or just typical male?

Tonight was movie night. AB slid Nemo in as he was walking out the door and the kids and I were on the couch. (Still weird to write "the kids".) I reached for the remote as usual to fast forward to scene three. If you have never seen Nemo, then you probably don't realize how horrifying the opening scene is. Marlin and Coral have their dream house, a hole full of fish eggs ready to hatch when a barracuda shows up and chomps Coral and all the eggs but one. Marlin mourns and finds the one egg, promising never to let anything happen to him, and names him Nemo, the name Coral wanted.


I can hardly even give a synopsis without tears. So since day one, we start the movie on scene three. Until tonight. Of all nights... not like I am hormonal or anything like that, you know.

Leif insists on seeing "Nemo mommy". I spend about 5 minutes telling him there is no Nemo mommy. Crying. Screaming. Finally I give in and start the movie from the beginning. That can't possibly be what he is referring to is it? He has never seen that part before. Or so I thought.

Somewhere, somehow along the line, Leif has seen the opening scene of Nemo. And wow was he ready for the barracuda. It chomps Coral and he squeals with delight and screams "again, again". When I sit and look at him (with tears in my eyes) like he is insane he takes it a step further and starts signing "again" along with squealing. That means he is serious.

In an effort to keep the peace, and out my guilty feelings of slighting Leif at this point in our lives, we watch the opening scene, oh about 18 times. Each time squealing ensues when Coral is munched. At least I am immune now. No more tears on my part.

Then later I was wondering if Leif really got the message that Coral was fish food... he told me "Nemo daddy beat him up". Ok, so you never actually see Coral biting the big one, or any of her remnants... so maybe he just doesn't get it?


Today I went and got my haircut. I gave my former stylist a second shot when she told me she could fit me in today. I needed my hair chopped. Needed. She took nearly 4-5" off I would guess.

At one point she asked me if I was alright with this... like I could go back at that point. I was fine, I was thrilled, but I became paranoid that it would be just one more thing in Leif's life that changed. When my sister was about his age, my mom cut her hair off, like from waist length to shoulder length and my sister went for days without looking at her and would cry if she did. So if anything, I was second guessing my decision for Leif's sake.

I walked in the house this afternoon and not a word... from either of my boys! Ok, so I never really expect one from AB. But apparently Leif IS his son. Not a word from Leif either. So maybe he is just a typical male.

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