Friday, April 13, 2007

Geek Busted

When I was home on maternity leave with Leif I got hooked on one TV show, Starting Over. It was on at 10am. Everything else on daytime TV I could take or leave, but I was addicted to this show - planning my excursions around that 10-11am block. It was bad! It was good we didn't have Tivo then, I would have recorded it when I went back to work.

And it was stupid! It was about women who were "starting their lives over" by living in a house (ok, a mansion) in LA together. Psychiatrists would come in and see them and they had tasks to complete. A kind of reality show for women who needed help... lots of it.

I have to admit that I was a little bummed to find out that Starting Over evidently didn't survive the last couple years in the highly competitive industry of daytime crappola. But I am more embarrassed by what has replaced Starting Over as my daily TV ritual. It's 100% AB's fault. I would have never stopped on channel 51 had it not been for him.

(See how I am bringing AB into this? Truth be told... it isn't just me with the addiction.)

Mythbusters. There, I admit it. I am a Mythbusters addict.

11am to noon AND 4-5pm! Score, two episodes a day! Two whole hours where I can sit with Skadi on my chest and vege in front of the TV.

The premise of the show, should you be among the unfortunate MANY who haven't seen it is that they address through science and engineering, myths and urban legends. This morning it was whether or not a car would explode if the full gas tank was shot with a bullet (it doesn't). Also whether or not you should hide behind a door in a gun fight (you shouldn't). You know, things we all face on a daily basis. The other day it was whether a car could be made too stinky to sell (stuff a dead pig in a car - Corvette nonetheless, put the car in a hot storage unit for 2 weeks and remove and clean). I could nearly smell the carnage through the TV... nasty. Oh, but the car sold... cheap... but evidently there are serious bargain hunters out there! Another one was whether people could really be sucked out of an aircraft in flight if explosive decompression occurs (no, you can't... very reassuring!). Ok, so I have seen a few of these.

What I love about it is they start with a hypothesis, do small scale lab tests, address what could happen and why, then take it full scale doing all the science experiments that we all wanted to do in high school and college. Ok... the experiments that those of us who were geeks wanted to do.

Geek, me? Fully. (Check it out, seriously!)

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