Monday, April 23, 2007

Visiting NM and AB anytime soon?

I have to admit, there is something you probably should know. You can't cook in my house. It just won't work. We can deal with someone acting as a sous chef, but flat out cooking for us? Can you say controlling? One exception, my mom can come and bake all the wants. And I might make an exception for other extraordinary bakers... I won't balk at anyone baking me a pie!

My poor MIL has found this rule out the hard way on her visit the past few days.

AB and I love to cook. We love to cook good food and on top of that we are particular about the foods we cook and how they are cooked. Example, you might get some serious ribbing if you bring 4 lbs of good quality $11/lb meat into our house and intend to boil it to cook it. That is called making stock, not cooking meat for dinner.

My MIL finally lamented about how my BIL and SIL let her come in and cook and fill their freezer with food after the birth of their son in December. AB and I felt bad. We ARE a *little* overbearing about food quality (see above), kitchen techniques and the proper way to do things (a fresh cut onion is not wrapped lightly in Saran Wrap and put in the cheese drawer and my top of the line, freshly honed Henckels never ever ever go in the dishwasher).

We need to back off. There is more than one way to do things... or so I hear. We really are grateful for the assistance, particularly that part of cooking dinner AB and I both loathe, cleaning up. Or... easier yet, come to our house and let us cook for you!

(Tonight we are ordering out Mexican and making margaritas... this will make everyone happy!)

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