Friday, February 16, 2007

A conversation with Leif

“What this mommy?” Leif asks pointing at the picture of Half Dome (Yosemite National Park) on my cell phone background.

“That’s called Half Dome sweety, it’s a big rock,” I told him.

“I go there,” Leif tells me.

“Yeah, mommy will take you there someday,” I tell him recalling with fondness our camping trip to Yosemite pre-Leif and completely ignoring the fact that someday=today for Leif.

“We go Half Dome now,” he tells me on the way to the car this morning.

“No sweety, today we are going to school. Half Dome is about 18 hours away, we would have to drive all day and daddy would miss us,” I tell him.


“We go airplane, go Half Dome,” he tells me.

There was much disappointment this morning when we arrived neither at the airport nor at Half Dome.

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