Friday, February 02, 2007

12 step program for iTunes addicts?

I have exhausted my $50 iTunes gift certificate my mom gave me for Christmas and have been threatening to tackle AB's gift certificate. He has fears of this. Not that I will exhaust his as well... no his fears are different. He worries that my "eclectic" music selection will be permanently attached to his name.

Ok, I admit it, I can be a little manic in my music selection. I am proud that I am probably the only one who has downloaded Billy Idol's "White Wedding" followed directly by John Denver's, "Take Me Home, Country Roads". (AB informs me this isn't necessarily something to be proud of... more something that should make you want to go hide your head under your pillow.)

One band has returned to my radar recently. Awhile back I got a song on my mind. I spent two days humming it and singing the couple phrases I would remember to AB. I kept telling him he HAD to remember it. I remember him liking it!

"You know that song, 'mmm mmm mmm, once there was a girl who la la la... birthmarks all over her body... la la la'," I sang for at least two days, "who sang that?"

Finally after realizing AB was going to be absolutely no help at all in this quest and that he wasn't even trying anymore to help me remember, I went and found a site to search song lyrics. I only had to type in one word, "birthmarks" and was blessed with the answer to my question. Crash Test Dummies and the song was "mmm mmm mmm mmm". Bingo!

I cruised to iTunes, downloaded it, sync'd it to my iPod and then took it in and made AB listen to the whole thing. He was still perplexed and finally admitted that maybe he had heard it before, but didn't remember for sure. He was sure I had to have remembered this song from an ex liking it. Yeah, none of my exes were that cool... nice try though.

I went and downloaded another song by the Crash Test Dummies, "Superman's Song". Ok, so this song may be from 1994, but I am loving it again. Playing it all the time, can't get enough. It is seriously competing with Blue October's "Into the Ocean" for my current favorite song. (Which quite possibly could change anyday... because I am manic like that with music.)

Ok, love iTunes. Just thought I would say that.

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