Sunday, February 11, 2007

One more weekend down

For as busy as AB was this weekend, we really got a lot done. I had hoped to have Leif's new bedroom finished, at least the base coat and the bottom "leaves" section done, but probably not the elephant. Well we got the base coat done (after running out of paint Saturday night and making a quick trip to Home Depot this morning - I *never* run out of paint... check my garage. I have an abundance of every color in our house sitting on a shelf in there). The "leaves" section is about 1/3 of the way done. AB gave me the chance after dinner to go in and at least get the leaves most of the way finished. I just didn't have the energy.

If I may say so myself, so far, it looks fantastic. Really, really happy with it. Before doing the base coat I sketched out the elephant for spacing, just to get an idea of size and potential pitfalls. This really peaked Leif's interest in more than one way. First, an elephant on the wall! Second, mommy drew on the wall! If mommy can do it... Yeah... pens, crayons, markers, pencils and paint have been removed from his reach.

I am pleased with what has been accomplished. I set out this weekend skeptical and moody about the likelihood of failure in accomplishing the goals. So the goals weren't accomplished 100%... they are darn close. And it should really only take me an evening to finish the leaves.

The best part? Leif loves it so far.


Aside from the painting, the weekend was low key. We went swimming. Why is it that I only see people I know from work at the pool when *I* am in my bathing suit? Two different sets of people. V and I took the kids to Wendy's afterwards for lunch, then I made a trip to Lowes for paint tape to finish up the last little tiny bit of taping left. And we went home.

Leif refused, flat out refused, to nap. Since AB was at work most of Saturday, and I was already exhausted from swimming and lunch, this made my afternoon pure misery. *I* need Leif to nap, especially at 35 weeks pregnant.

Leif has picked up a new saying from somewhere. I assume it is daycare since it isn't something we routinely say... "oh man". He just cracks us up with this. It is something I can envision his main teacher saying.


Oh and indulge me one mommy brag. My kid is a stellar eater. Just had to say that. This morning he told me he was hungry. I offered him Goldfish. He told me "no" and so I asked him what he wanted? Grapefruit, he tells me. Ok... I went out to the garage and retrieved one of the few remaining and highly prized grapefruits directly from Texas (thanks dad). He ate the entire thing.

We went to the grocery store and finagled a car cart. (One of those things that is a lifesaver and when child-less, always cursed and swore *I* would never use.) Leif was in the car and when he saw me getting broccoli asked to hold it. I handed him the bag of broccoli. A little later I noticed a woman laughing at Leif as she walked by the cart. I looked down, he had the crown out of the bag and was eating the broccoli! I would have let him continue, but the fact it hadn't been rinsed skeeved me out a little. I pilfered a banana from the produce department in exchange for the broccoli. (Of course I also bought another single banana and had them ring it up twice.)

Tonight for dinner, I actually had to take the broccolini away from Leif's reach, in some vain effort to try to get him to eat something else on his plate. It didn't work... the pasta went untouched and he only had a few bites of steak, but he had 8 stalks of broccolini! (And AB wonders why I gave in and gave him a gummy shark after dinner when he asked.)

Like AB said... now if we could just start following his example better ourselves. We obviously eat fruits and vegies, but probably not nearly as many as we should.

Ok, mommy brag over.

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