Monday, February 26, 2007

2.5 year olds are the coolest

Seriously. I have heard of the terrible twos, and while things aren't quite "easy" yet... eating out is still a challenge, we are learning the meaning of the words "stop" and "no", and sitting still for anything is practically imposible, it is still fun.

Leif shows so much empathy. We were in the bath tonight and I had a pinpoint spot on my belly, where I scratched a skin tag too hard and it bled a tiny drop. He was so concerned for me and was ready to get out of the bathtub to retrieve me a band-aid right there and then.

Yesterday we were sorting through the baby clothes and he cracked me up when he pulled out a pair of tiny plain pink shoes. (A gift from the first time around with him that came without a receipt.) He had been throwing things willy nilly into the laundry basket to that point. He paused, looked at the shoes and says, "Look mommy, little piggy shoes!" Seriously cracked me up.

AB was in the attic retrieving the baby items before this and Leif stood at the base of the ladder yelling up into the abyss of the "scary place" called the attic, "Daddy, you OK?" And heaven forbid AB not answer immediately. Oh no, that would prompt screaming hysterics of "DADDY YOU OK OR NOT?"

It is amazing seeing Leif develop friendships and relationships with other kids. This morning we pulled in next to A and his mom and it was a riot seeing the boys wave at each other with smiles on their faces.

There are occasions though when Leif decides daycare isn't the place he wants to go in the morning. Lately that has meant that he comes up with random places to go visit, all requiring a trip on an airplane. "Go see cousin Otto on airplane", "Go see cousin Celeste on airplane", "Go see grandma on airplane", "Go see Sophia and Kismet airplane" (grandma's cats).

AB currently has a fascination with boats and boat building and this has worn off on Leif. If he sees a boat, he announces it. He tells me regularly that "daddy wants to build boat" and "I help daddy build boat" and also, "I want daddy have boat". (AB's favorite knowing the soft spot I have for Leif's wants...)

The other day AB was pruning our fruit trees while Leif was in eating lunch. All was good until AB opened the gate to get some branches on the trail side of the fence. Leif immediately thought that AB and Winny were going on a walk. Much sobbing ensued until I yelled at AB to come back in the yard. When even that didn't stop the sobbing completely, AB took Winny and Leif for a walk and brought back two happy, very exhausted beings. Leif was still wound up though and nap was still a challenge.

He is such a good kid. Busy, active, curious, but good. I worry we are jinxing ourselves by having a second.

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