Monday, January 22, 2007

A question for the parents

Aa parent, how do you or should you deal with a favorite toy because you simply dislike it?

Leif was given a “monster truck” for Christmas with a flaming skull on the top and that says “Cremator”. Nice, huh? Yeah, the gift giver is poking my buttons… and I am nearly positive it was intentional.

He can’t read, so why should I worry about it? But I loathe the thing. I am inclined to toss the thing in the trash the next time it is left unattended. AB thinks I am overreacting, but chuckled when I pointed it out to him and did murmur, “what was she thinking?”

Ok, so I probably am overreacting and *maybe* if it had come from one of my beloved friends or family members I wouldn’t be nearly so offended. Just maybe. (Though my family would have *never* given him such an item… oh wait… maybe a certain couple would have…)

In the meantime, ignore it and chalk it up to “he can’t read” and doesn’t understand what is on the hood of the car OR get the bloody thing out of my house?

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