Thursday, January 11, 2007

How to make your parents nuts (from a 2.5 year old)

Find an object that is intriguing and insist that it never leave your side.

One of the plastic glow in the dark stars (the large 3” ones) fell off of Leif’s ceiling and when he asked for it, AB gave it to him last night. He was up until 9:45pm playing with that star in bed. It would fall off the bed, resulting in a meltdown, it would slide between the mattress and the wall, resulting in a meltdown, it would hide under the covers, resulting in a meltdown. He finally fell asleep between the Star’s attempts at escape.

And anyone that thinks toddlers have short memories can rest assured that their memories are quite long. When he got up this morning, I went in and he was looking for his star. Thankfully he found it buried in the covers and we could get up and take a trip to the potty. No, he doesn’t surrender it at the potty. Instead he inserts the star into the stream. ICK! I scream and tell him how gross that is. (Boys…) Leif doesn’t get that it is gross though, no, “silly star potty too” he tells me.

He sat at the table while I prepared his oatmeal. Here is the ongoing conversation.

Leif: “You sit here. Don’t move.”

Star: (Sitting on the arm of the booster seat… silence.)

Leif: “Mommy cooking oatmeal Star. You hungry?”

Star: (Silence)

Leif: “Ok Star, sit on table. Taste juice?” (Dunks the star in the apple juice.)

Star: (Still silence, sopping wet once again. Yes, I did wash it after the potty thing.)

Leif: “Ok Star, oatmeal. You taste. Is it hot?” (Buries the star in oatmeal.)

Me: (Mrs. Hormones. Alternating between stifling my giggles and urges to yank the stupid star out of his hands and break it into 5000 little pieces. Thankfully thinking it was cute reigned by a small margin.)

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