Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I was boiling water for Leif's pasta tonight. He wanted spinach spaghetti with sauce. I turned on the stove, turned around and Leif went and flipped it off. My dials are oh so conveniently located at the front of the stove. I turned it back on and told Leif that if he touched it again I was putting the locks back on and pointed to the one remaining child dial knob lock. (Ok, weak threat, I am the one that would be doing the work. What harm will it do him?)

We put the locks on about a year ago and over the last few months they have come off, one broke, and I just hadn't worried about it so much as he seems to be learning what "hot" is.

Leif went over to the one remaining lock, reached up and unlocked it. Then he looked at me and grinned. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Ok, I thought to myself. I get it. The other day he unlocked the door handle knob lock on the pantry to get to his Teddy Grahams... the same lock that is on my front door that I struggle with and keeps houseguests locked in my house.

It didn't stop there. As if to make a point. Leif reaches up into the now open stove knob lock and yanks the dial off. (Evidently he watches too much Emeril.) Then he removes the child lock, tosses it aside and replaces the stove knob.

Well, I guess my harmless threats have been put in their place! The stove knob locks are no more.

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