Friday, March 18, 2011

"Let me give you a hint"

One of my favorite stories about one of my cousins was the Christmas they told her what they bought her dad for Christmas.

She gave him a hint:

"It goes tick tock tick tock."

Every year after they started telling her wacky stuff, like that her sister was getting a dishwasher for Christmas because she spilled the beans.

Skadi is showing signs of being the same way.

Leif is a vault. He loves keeping secrets.

I can do it, but it is very difficult. I am an open book really. I tell my husband everything. I tell my coworkers things I later wish I hadn't. Not only can I not keep a secret, but I tend to tell more than is really necessary.

Anyways, enough about me.

The other day when I picked Skadi up at school they were playing "hide the play tiger" and "hot and cold".

Skadi hid the tiger.

About 5 seconds went by and she lead the 6 or so kids over and said, "let me give you a hint," she paused. Then she pointed at the tiger and said, "IT'S RIGHT THERE!"

And she jumped up and down and squealed.

Aunt Tara came over this evening, picked her up and said, "who has a birthday in a few days?"

Skadi replies, "Ok, I will give you a hint, it's ME!"

Yep, Skadi is showing every single sign of following in my direction with not being able to keep a secret very well.

Apparently it is genetic.

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