Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cool iPhone uses

For a long time there Skadi would only go to sleep if I put her to bed. AB would walk into her room and much to the horror of us all, she would start screaming. It broke AB’s heart, it wasn’t fair to Leif who then never got me for bedtime, and it was hard on me too being the only one who could put her to bed.

This shifted when a few years back I had to start traveling again for work. Suddenly her choices were daddy or nobody. She picked daddy and he wormed his way into the preferred bedtime person by singing her songs at bedtime. Somehow my husband’s soft soothing voice singing “The Rainbow Connection” or “Castle on a Cloud” became her Ambien. And more recently he has become her preferred “putter to bedder”.

This doesn’t bother me. I am making up for lost time with Leif and since Skadi goes to bed before Leif, AB gets to bed earlier. Works out for everyone.

Out of fear of simply swapping roles and getting into a situation where I *can’t* put her to bed, we do switch this up. Skadi is fine with this, but this was the usual result.

Finished reading books.

Skadi: “Mommy, I need a song.”

Me: “Ok, ‘twinkle twinkle…”

Skadi: “No mommy, I need a song from daddy.”

My dad used to always ask my sister and I, “what did you do with the money? The money I gave you for singing lessons?”

Yes, my singing isn’t a pretty thing.

Usually I get up and go drag AB out of Leif’s room to sing her a song and thus finalize the deal.

I figured out something new though the other night that may just give AB a run for his money in the singing department.

YouTube on my iPhone.

Not only does she get to hear “The Rainbow Connection” but she gets to see Kermit sitting on a log singing it!

NM scores one!

I fear though that we are on a slippery slope.

Skadi: “Mommy, play the crocodile song!”

Skadi: “Now mommy, play the pink dancing girls song!”

Skadi: “Wouldn’t it be funny if the crocodile came and ate the girls like he did the frogs?”

Me: “You should be sleeping.” (Stifling laughter.)

Skadi: “I am going to have daddy sing ‘Mahna Mahna’ to me tomorrow night.”

And she drifts off the sleep.

(Another cool use for my iPhone – videocamera! I plan to have my phone there to record this.)

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