Saturday, March 26, 2011

4 Year Well Child

I can't believe my baby is four! What has happened to the time?

So I will try and type between my sobs here...

Skadi had a good 4 year well child exam. She enjoyed telling long stories to her doctor and answering all her questions.

Dr: "Skadi do you know what opposites are?"

Skadi: "No."

Dr: "Ok, if I say 'tall' then the opposite of that is 'short', right?"

Skadi: "Yes, or really tall."

Dr: "Ok, let's see, what is the opposite of hot?"

Skadi: "Really hot."

Dr: "Well no, would it be cold?"

Skadi: "It could be but if it isn't hot than it might just be warm, you just never know about these things."

Dr: "She has a very advanced vocabulary.

The four shots were murder. The doctor actually gave us the option of putting them off until she was five, but since we had already talked about it and had the gummy worms ready in the car, I pulled the trigger.

Skadi cried, "I don't want shots! NO mommy!"

Me: "But they are good for you honey and keep you from getting very sick. And you didn't even cry when you got your flu shot, you will do great!"

Skadi: "I will only do shots if they give me band-aids."

Me: "If the nurse comes in without band-aids I will send her out to go get some."

Of course the nurse came in with band-aids.

Skadi didn't hold her end of the bargain up. She struggled.

And not only does she have a large vocabulary and reasoning skills for her age, but the nurse said she is freaky strong.

She screamed bloody murder.

Me: "Skadi, the band-aids are on."

Skadi: (suddenly stops screaming bloody murder) "I want to see them."

And that was that.

The nurse gave her four stickers and a lollipop and life was excellent again.

The details:

Height - 40 squirmy inches - 55th percentile
Weight - 36 lbs - 50th percentile.

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Andy Perdue said...

She so cracks me up.