Wednesday, September 02, 2009

To walk or not

85.7142857% of the evenings we go for a walk. Skadi is generally quite thrilled about this and anxious to choose her mode of transit (trike, wagon, back pack, or walking). Leif on the other hand fights it. He wants to stay home and do Wii. And once we get out he wants to head to one of the two parks within walking distance.

The one night a week we don't go for a walk is pick up night.

It was pick up night tonight.

Skadi at dinner: "Okay everybody let's go for a walk!"

AB: "Nope, no walk tonight, it's pick up the house night."

Skadi: (Lip sticking out.) "I DON'T YIKE THAT YOU TELL ME NO WALK!"

Just a wee bit of attitude.

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