Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Conversations with Skadi

"MOMMY! LOOK NOW!" Skadi yells.

"What?" I reply.

"I have a poley poley in my tummy," she says.

It is amazing how fast your mind moves. Poley poley = rolly poley. In her tummy. Oh no, she ate a rolly poley?

"What did you do Skadi?" I groan.

"Mommy! I have a poley poley it's on MEEE!" she states.

Ok, the poley poley, I mean rolly poley is ON her.

"Where honey," I ask her as I head over.

"HERE, IT'S HERE ON ME!" she points to her belly button.

Me laughing, "nope, that's your mole, you have a mole on your belly button," I tell her. She really does. The belly button stump fell off and revealed a little brown mole on her belly button.

"No, it's not a mole mommy," she says, "it's my poley poley!"


Skadi at 9:15pm... long after bedtime.

"I want a blankey," she says.

I pull her Dora comforter on her.

"No, I don't yike dis one!" she screams. And actually, she normally doesn't like blankets on her at all at bedtime.

I didn't take the time to try and convince her. I just grabbed her soft green snuggly.

"No, dis one no cover my yegs!" she cries.

I grabbed the one I made her and put it on her. Two milliseconds it lasted.

"I no yike dis one," she says.

Ok, I took issue with this. I MADE it for her. "But it's green and yellow and has doggies and kitties on it," I lament to her.

"I said I no yike dis one," she whines.

"I will go find your pink one," she has a pink soft blanket that grandma bought her that is usually reserved for only the best dollies not in time out. I found it and returned.

It stayed on her for about five milliseconds.

"No mommy," she says, "I want a black blankey."

"You want a black blankey?" I ask making sure I heard right.

"Yes, a black blankey," she says.

"I don't have a black blankey Skadi," I said with my head in my hands.


Most commonly heard from Skadi's mouth:

"It's not funny!"

"You making me very sad."

"Mommy, daddy told me no."

"Daddy, mommy told me no."

"Freya, come here!" (Then she feed Freya whatever she can find. The dog is getting fat.)


"Thirty minutes." (As in she will do whatever you are requesting in 30 minutes. And if you believe this I have a bridge to sell you...)

"Let's go for a walk!"

"It's NOT funny, I said!"

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