Thursday, May 12, 2016

Poop gun

So Silas potty trained pretty easily. We were slow though. Part of it was that we had a big vacation last fall and didn't want to deal with it at all on that trip. So CHristmas hit and we went full in. And no real issues after his first week of rebellion. 

Then one day he quit pooping in the potty. We mentioned it, but didn't push. We encouraged. No dice. We knew that we couldn't push really hard after Leif had years of issues with encopresis. So I bought some toys. Little surprises for successes. And not terribly surprisingly, it came back pretty easily. 

The lasting effects though are that he has latched onto his "poop toys". And has named each one. 

We have: 

Poop gun
Little poop gun
Big poop gun
Poop gabloons (balloons)
Poop Man

Silas: "Leif, here is my poop gun!"
Leif: "Umm Silas, do you think that we might be able to call it just 'green squirt gun'?"

Checker at the grocery store: "Oh, that's a nice squirty toy."
Silas (in a deep voice)': "It's my BIG poop gun!" 

At swimming lessons at the top of his lungs: "I NEED MY POOP GUN!" 

At Tae Kwon Do with a huge group of people around us: 
Mrs. Rose: "Silas, look at that..."
I was rude, I cut her off. 
Me: "Don't acknowledge the squirt gun!"
Mrs. Rose: "Oh?"
Me: "See, he got it for pooping in the potty and so now he proclaims it his 'poop gun', loudly!"

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