Monday, June 08, 2009

The princess update

Every night at bedtime Skadi announces now as she is falling asleep that the princess has not come and taken her binky.

She announces this with pride. Too much pride. Pride that kills me to actually follow through with the plan to take the binky away.

Tonight she announced, "princess no take binky, no take my monkey, no take my blankey OR my baba."

I know I am overthinking it all, but I just can't take it away now. She is actually fearing losing her things to some evil princess! Or so it seems.

Nope, I am a sucker. I reassure her every evening that no, no princess is coming to take her binky.

AB has commented that "it isn't like she is walking around with it during the day, she just uses it at nap and for bed. It's not THAT big of a deal."

Nope it isn't.

We will live with a binky for awhile longer.

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