Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new topic

I keep meaning to post a Leif update, and I will. I just need the time to sit down and write it out. Leif has grown so much in the past few months. He is such an amazing little boy.

One new thing that has started to surface lately in his concerns is death. It started a few weeks ago when he asked me in the car how long something had to be dead, before it was alive again. I did my best to softly explain to him that dead is unfortunately, forever. This was the start of a lot of questions.

What happens after something dies?
(They go to heaven.)

What is heaven?
(Heaven is a wonderful place where we live forever after, but not on earth.)

Who is there?
(God and other people and animals who once lived.)

What does God look like?
(No one knows what God looks like.)

Is God a boy or a girl?
(That is disputable, but I believe God is a boy because he is Jesus' father. Leif replies, "well yeah, he is a boy then mommy!")

What happens if God dies?"
(God doesn't die honey. God lives forever.)

But what if God got hit by a car?
(God wouldn't get hit by a car because He is too powerful.)

What color is a dead person?
(Ummm uhhhh ummm uhhh... well kind of the same color as they are now, but I have never seen a dead person. Leif replied that he hadn't either.)

This conversation has stayed with him and he has over the past few weeks talked about things going to be with God and going to heaven with God. This makes it easier and I am happy we have our faith in conversations like this and it further reminds me that we need to start going to church/Sunday school on a more regular basis.

This evening at dinner Leif told us that a couple of the crabs in Rainbow room -- which is not his room, but his sister room -- died. The kids spend a lot of time between the two rooms everyday, so I frequently have to ask which room he is talking about since his room doesn't have animals his saying "the teacher that has crabs" wasn't going over very well at dinner time.

Leif went on to say "but it was okay because they went to heaven to be happy with God".

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