Monday, April 06, 2009

My daughter the yeller

Skadi has never been quiet.

Since the day after she popped out of my stomach she made her needs, wants, desires and whims known.

Nothing has changed in 2 years.

I guess I never really envisioned my little girl to be a yeller, but she is.

Tonight in the kitchen we hear the garage door go up.

"I think daddy's here," I say.

When suddenly Skadi screams at the top of her little lungs, "DADDY!!!"


The other night I asked Hans for milk for Skadi.

She then yells, "DADDY MILK NOW!"


We were in church on Palm Sunday. Skadi decided she no longer cared to sit in the pew, so we headed to the "cry room" where we could still see Daddy and Leif and our friends and their daughter.

Skadi realized this.

"DADDY! Hey DADDY! I here! See me! WEIF!! Hi WEIF!!"

Thank goodness it is sound proof.

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