Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Skadi got up this morning and the very first thing out of her mouth was, “I want hot cocoa and go swimming!”
Apparently one of us says “just a minute please” fairly often because Skadi has taken to replying “minutes pees” whenever she feels rushed.
“I DID IT!” is Skadi’s exclamation. I think she gets this from Dora. She is very much into her independence, we routinely hear from her, “my do it” when she doesn’t want any help.
And when she says that you may as well get up and walk off and leave her, because it may drive you insane not to offer an eensy bit of help to her, which will just result in a complete body flailing meltdown. After a little while she will give in and come request help.
Occasionally though she surprises us and manages to get herself dressed or do complicated tasks that we think no 2 year old should be able to do.
Then she exclaimes, “I did it!”
And then she does the “I-did-it-dance” whereby she wiggles her body around, bobs her head up and down and rotates her right arm in a circle (as though she was stirring a bowl).
And it is quite addictive. AB and I both find ourselves declaring “I did it!” and you may even get a glimpse of the dance out of one of us.
(Must stop providing source of entertainment for coworkers.)

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