Wednesday, March 04, 2009

4.5 going on 14

NM: "Look Leif, your new shoes are here!"

Leif: "Cool! Open them!"

We open them up.

Leif: "Are they Skechers?"

NM: "No, they are Keens."

Leif: "But I wanted Skechers."

NM: "Well Keens are better then Skechers."

Leif: "No, they aren't. Bridger has Skechers and they are black and orange and I want shoes like his."

NM: "Well I am sorry. I thought you would like these."


AB: "I hear you got new shoes?"

Leif: "Yep, but they aren't Skechers."

AB: "Well maybe when you wear out these shoes you can get some Skechers."

Leif: "I am going to go find some on the computer and find some Skechers."


NM: "Leif what are you doing?"

Leif: "Reeelaaax mom."

AB: (stifling laughter.)

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