Monday, December 28, 2015

Have NOT fallen off the face of the earth

I have lists and lists of things to blog about - and I really want to keep my blog up. There is so much history here. My history. My family's history. But time - I have little.

Tonight we are on break. Christmas 2015 is a thing of the past. My 8 year old and 11 year old have placed importance on "staying up". So here we sit. Me tired. Them tired - but not admitting it. I will wait... I will lie in wait... And blog... And wait for them to fall. 

2015 has been a very good year for us. So many people around us have had sucky years. I haven't said much because 2015 has been a good, but busy year. 

1. Hawaii - just the two of us. Need I say more on that topic? Oh yes, I do... Kilauea nearly 25 years after my first visit. Loved it. Sea turtles, Dolphins, snorkeling. Oh and I gave a good presentation to a huge number of people. 

2. 2 weeks family vacation. 7 days on a Disney Cruise, 7 days in Orlando and Cocoa Beach. Rocked it. Yeah, it was great mostly. I still need to blog about it. Maybe tomorrow night when I sit here with two kids determined to stay up... 

3. I received a big, nice bonus. Very thankful for that sudden influx. Taking tally... Caribiner awards each quarter (for new funding), three invited talks this year. New client funding. Lots of travel (good and bad), And a new assignment that is proving to be challenging. Learning the ins and outs of running proposal calls.

4. Good health. We are blessed here, we truly are. I have friends who are fighting big things and I am so grateful that we are healthy. I am sure we will have our turn. I pray daily for those people I know who are fighting their battles. 

5. Dogs, dogs, dogs. I think this is a good one. We now have three. Our spazoid neurotic, anxiety ridden "white German Shepherd" Odin. Because of him I will never worry about home invasion. Because of him I will worry daily about people entering our property and leaving maimed. We had a pizza delivery guy the other day who was a dumbass. "But dogs like me, I will come in, he will be happier that way." Dumbass. No, he will rip you to pieces if you take another step. Step back now. 

I have my favorite. Ponzi. He is a 6 year old German Shepherd / Great Pyrenees mix who is loyal, relaxed and lovable. And fierce and protective and likes his caves but not the dog that is going to love everyone that crosses his path. But me, I get to be his favorite. 

And who the f, every thought I would own a chihuahua? WTF? But here we are. He came with Ponzi. They were touted to be best friends. And they are fine together, but not as dependent as we were lead to be. But now he is ours. And he loves Leif. And he is working dang hard to win me over. Would be nice if he didn't leave his little turds around the house... Even Silas is into the routine, "NO BEETHOMAN YOU DO THAT OUTSIDE!"

6. Kids. They are always my bright spot even though they can make me crazy crazy. Leif is turning into a neat kid. Ok, so he has always been neat. But he has distinct interests (Tae Kwon Do), things he is good at (chess and computers), he is emotional and kind and loving. He still hugs me and tells me everything. 

Skadi - I love having a daughter. Love it. She is smart and funny and my total opposite in personality. She makes friends at every turn, is outgoing, noisy, active, kind. Caring, fiercely defensive of her friends, easily hurt and often overlooked and misunderstood. Someday the child will have a teacher who gets her. 

Silas - he has been a huge challenge this year. Huge. He was such an easy baby, I don't know what happened. But he leaves me tired. And hoarse. And questioning my sanity. And then the little blonde boy smiles at me with his winning smile and it all goes away and he is perfect again. He is the third child that gets away with way too much, has way too many privileges because it is too hard NOT to keep him from the environment of his older siblings. 

Many many topics... If I write them will it prompt me to come back? 
-Goals - I have many.

-Silas sayings - he has many. I love that at 2.5 he is incorporating "actually" into every sentence.
-Silas in general - the kid is a genius. Or he has brainwashed me and you should be concerned. 

-Work in general. I always think I am going to blog about work. And sometimes I do. And then never actually post. 

-Spiderman and grapefruit. Ok. Let's just knock this one out right now. A long long time ago we were playing Apples to Apples and I had "Sticky". Leif played Spiderman, his grandpa John played Grapefruit. And I had JUST had an experience with Silas eating grapefruit. So I dang well knew how sticky they were. But I may NEVER EVER hear the end of selecting grapefruit over Spiderman. 
Case in point: Me: "Eww, this random thing here is sticky." Leif: "Really sticky like Spiderman or just barely sticky like grapefruit?" 

-Family Vacation. 

-My wishes and dreams - I want to write a book. I want to blog more. I want a house that is clean all the time. I want a kitchen renovation (ha ha ha), I want a backyard that works for us. I want my kids to have fun and be bored. I want time to walk the dogs. I want to read the stack of magazines sitting here instead of just toting them all over creation. I want to be a great cook. I want to save animals. I want a new car. I want more vacations. I crave a gorgeous Master Bedroom retreat. I want a cabin in the mountains. I want to get out in the trailer more often. I want jeans that actually look great on me and don't cost a fortune. I can't believe I am going to be 44. 

Oh nevermind, I just really want my family to be happy and want us all to be healthy. 

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